【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 5】Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa


Hello, this is GT.

This is Okinawa travel report part 5. I will report on Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa this time. I stayed there on the first and second day.

Southern Beach Hotel

Southern Beach Hotel is about 20 minutes south of Naha Airport by car. Specifically, please check the following Google map.

The basic information of Southern Beach Hotel is as follows.

【Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa】

adress: Nishizaki-machi 1-6-1, Itoman, Okinawa
parking lot:Free parking for hotel guests
home page:https://www.southernbeachhotelresort.com/en-gb


The room I stayed on was on the 9th floor! It is high. I felt like a high-class citizen.

Scenery with a good view ♪

Beautiful Okinawa sea ♪

Pool that you die at if you fall…((((;゚Д゚)))) I got the heebie-jeebies.

Premium Lounge

This hotel has a premium lounge. You can use it if you stay in a nice room on the upper floor. It is about 4000 yen or 5000 yen plus normal room rate. 4000 yen is about 380 dallars.

Security located just off the 10th floor elevator with Premium Lounge.

I entered the Premium Lounge. There were sofas and all-you-can-drink items in the back.

From the left, it is a dessert of oranges, melons, star fruits, pineapples and persimmons.

There was also a pancake that was baked on the spot for teatime only. Fresh cream and fruit were on top and it was delicious and fluffy. But I forgot to take the photo!

This is the evening menu, smoked salmon. Who has eaten so much! Already reduced. I had the rest after this.

There were several other types of appetizers. Of course all you can eat ♪

Cheese. I’d like to drink wine ♪

Cold wine ♪ Rose sparkling wine was slightly sweet and delicious for me ^^

All sorts of other drinks were available! You can’t take it back to your room, but you can stay here for as much as you want! It was quite profitable.

In the morning, salads and bread were also served. There was also a simple snack. There was no need to go all the way to the 1st floor buffet restaurant!


I checked out the hotel on the third day. Before that, I went to the souvenir corner on the 2nd floor. Then there was a strange guy.

He was staring at people. He’s an idiot. I took a picture of him so I will release it.

This person↓

He is GT. ^^;

There was a strange guy, but it was a good hotel in total. I want to come again in a few years. If you have a chance, please use this hotel.

See you!

(To be continued to the part 6)



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