【COC TH11】GoHo Super Attack for 3 stars


Hi. I am GT, a GoHo attacker.

This time, my clan’s member, ttnk, did a complete play, so I will introduce it.


Attack organization

The enemy base to attack this time is as follows.

The organization prepared by ttnk is as follows.

Breakthrough weapons and contents: Wall Buster, 1 Pekka, 2 Giants
Units: 1 Golem, 1 Pekka, 29 Hogriders, 7 Wizards, 2 Gargoyles, 1 Royal Ghost (total capacity 240)
Spells: 5 Healings, 1 Poison
Reinforcement Spell: 1 Poison

* Royal Ghost is a special unit that we can use only during Halloween. It’s like a wizard that can only pass through the wall for the first 12 seconds and not be attacked by the enemy. Containment space 8.

* Because it has just become TH11, unit frames and spell frames are not max. Since Grand Warden is level 1, it can’t use its skill.

* This time it was not the first time to see, so ttnk knew where Teslas were.


【Clash of Clans TH11】GoHo attack to TH11 for 3 stars

TH11 originally has a total capacity of 260 units. This time it was 20 fewer. It would have been easier if 4 hogriders were loaded. Great job ttnk did!

How was this video? See you!



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