【Clash of Clans TH10】Golem-HogRiders Attack to TH10 by GT


Hello, I am GT. I like video games.

Since I attacked in the clan battle, I will introduce Golem-HogRider attack. I have been doing Golem-HogRider attack since I was TH9. ^^

【クラクラ TH10】ゴレホグ使いのGTがTH10を攻撃01

There are a number of detailed reflections, but I’m fine because I did well on the first try.

I realized again that I was not good at side-cuttings and reinforcement processing. I often have some trouble about reinforcement processing. But this time I was also helped with taking two poisons. Two poisons were effective.

Skelton-traps were in full swing, but it’s basically ignored because I have 5 healings.

See you!



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