【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 9】Nakijin Castle is one of the best castles in Okinawa


Hello, this is GT, a man who likes castles.

This is the Okinawa travel report 9th, so this time I will report on Nakijin Castle. Here you will find information on where it is on the map, how to get there, how the road near the parking lot will be when you go by car, and what to see at the castle ruins.

If you would like to see Okinawa travel report from the beginning, please see below.

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Nakijin Castle is located on Motobuhanto in northern Okinawa. It is relatively close to the location of Churaumi Aquarium in the previous report. Please check the location on the map below.

I came to Nakijin Castle Ruins by rental car. Perhaps because I came on a weekday evening, it was not crowded. The road near the castle was also empty.

Below is the street view near the castle ruins entrance. It is just before the Nakijin Village Castle Exchange Center from the northwest side of the above map to the southwest. The Nakijin Village Castle Exchange Center is on the right side of the photo below.

There is a wooden sign next to the road that says “↑城跡入口.”  It means “↑Castle Ruins Entrance”.

Continue for about 30 meters and you will find a free parking lot on the right. That is the picture below.

Basic Information

The basic information of Nakijin Castle Ruins is as follows.

【Nakijin Castle Ruins】
Address: 5101 Imajari, Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Phone number: 0980-56-4400
Bus access: 15-minute walk from Nakijin-son Tomari Nakijinjoto entrance bus stop

Admission Fee

You need a ticket to get inside the walls of Nakijin Castle.

Buy your ticket at the ticket office near the parking lot.

The price is 400 yen for adults and 300 yen for children.

Things to See

After walking for a while, the outer wall became visible.

1. Outer wall

Unlike the castle in Honshu, there is no moat outside the wall. But the outside of the wall is also slightly inclined.

As you approach, you can see that there is a considerable difference in height up to the top of the wall. When attacking, did they have to look up from below? This is hard.

2. Entrance to the inner wall

After looking at the outer wall with a difference in elevation, I headed to the entrance to the inner wall.

A monument near the entrance is.

It seems to be the only entrance. A castle in Honshu has a strong gate here, but in Okinawa the stone walls are directly connected to the entrance.

I saw the entrance from the front. There is a rectangular cavity, but I think it was tightly closed by iron or wooden doors at the time of the battle.

I went inside and looked back. There was a climbing staircase to attack the enemy from above to protect the entrance! This is the same structure as the castle gate in Honshu.

If the enemy passes through this narrow space, the cavern is purposefully made smaller so that the army cannot pass at once! I see.

3. Inside the inner wall

As you walk through the entrance, the stairs that extend toward the Honmaru were straight.

This road is easy to walk. At the time of the battle, there would have been no such easy-to-walk, easy-to-run, and easy-to-attack road. I think it is a road made later for sightseeing.

There was an old road immediately beside. How about this narrow path!

The slope is quite steep, which is difficult to walk and difficult to run.

It is a picture taken while looking back down the slope after climbing the old road. The defender will attack the enemy from this perspective.

Description of the old road. Indeed, even if there are only a few defenders, the attackers are also trying to climb a small number of narrow roads.

4. Upper section

When I climbed the old road, I came out to a square.

There must have been a building at that time for the castle owner and defense units to live. I will go there because there is a staircase ahead.

When I went up the stairs, I was able to look around. The right side looks like a canyon. It’s impossible to attack from here. The sea is visible in the back.

Look a little left …

When I looked down at the front, I could see the ticket office in the back. This is the outer wall you first saw from the outside. The wall itself is like a passage, and the structure allows you to walk on it.

It is the outer wall on the left. Outside the wall is like a canyon. It is impossible to attack from here.

5.Nakijin Castle Main Honmaru

I went further and entered the Honmaru.

I’m calm. I feel like a good garden ♪

6.Behind the castle

I looked down behind the Honmaru.

It’s hard to turn the army to attack here. The slope is steep. After all, they can attack this castle from the front.

7.Castle panoramic model

I didn’t notice at first, but on the way back to the parking lot, I found a model showing the shape of Nakijin Castle as a whole.

There are several sections in front of the city walls, and are they all covered with walls. Great!

It was Nakijin Castle that enjoyed such wonderfulness.

How was this report? Next is the end of the Okinawa Travel Report, introducing the last event. Continue to the final round below

[JAL return flight canceled due to typhoon] Special vacant seat waiting experience



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