【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 1】Haneda Airport, where even those who don’t like airplanes can enjoy


Hello, this is GT. I have traveled to Okinawa, so I will divide it into several reports.

This time is about Haneda Airport.

I wil organize the trip reports so that everyone can enjoy it. Also, I will try to post useful information as much as possible so that it can be helpful when you travel to Okinawa.

The following article summarizes what happens when a return flight is canceled due to a typhoon and how to deal with it. Please see if you plan to use an airplane in Japan.
“Special vacant seat waiting” experience in Japan

Travel schedule

Day 1: From Haneda Airport to Naha, Himeyuri Tower and Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum
Day 2: Stay in southern Okinawa, Shurijo Castle
Day 3: Move north, Futenma Airfield
Day 4: Northern Sightseeing, Nakijin Castle
Day 5: Return to Nanbu, Naha Airport to Haneda

The travel schedule was roughly like this. I will follow them in order. The report starts!

Arrived at Haneda Airport in the morning

I was supposed to take a JAL flight from Haneda Airport to Naha on Wednesday, October 9th. I arrived at the airport about two hours before that because it was 10:50 am.

When you looked at the airport map, I saw that there was an observation deck. Let’s go there!

To the observation deck

I took the elevator and aimed for the 6th floor.

I came to quite a height. Get off the elevator on the 6th floor and head to the observation deck.

It says Observation deck usage time is From 6:30 to 22:00.

A chair and a desk are visible right outside. I am in Terminal 1, but the observation deck here is until 10:00. Please be careful if you want to see the night view.

When I opened the door, I saw a jet. It was spectacular to see a big figure nearby!

The sun was strong because it was nice weather. There was a glare, but the jet plane that went slowly to take off and the view clearly visible far away were also good.

Actually it was on the 6th floor, not the rooftop. There was a Gulliver deck and it was on the rooftop. From the deck outside the 6th floor, I went up the stairs at the end to the rooftop.

Top of Haneda airport

I came to the roof of Terminal 1. The top photo is the international passenger terminal on the southwest side. I can see well far away and feel good. The wind was also comfortable.

It is a picture facing the southeast side. The airplane leaving Terminal 1 heads southeast, then turns northwest to accelerate and take off.

This is a photo in the southeast direction. There is something like a net, so you can’t get out of here. When I looked at this one, I saw a landing jet. I could not see the plane taking off from Terminal 1. In terms of location, if you want to see a take-off aircraft, go to the International Terminal or Terminal 2.

On this day, there were school trip students. Everyone was pleased with the good scenery. Exciting when thinking about future trips ♪

Haneda Airport Information

The location of Haneda Airport is as follows.

There are three Haneda Airport terminals, and from the east side are Terminal 2, Terminal 1, and International Terminal. When using an international flight, the international terminal is used, but for domestic flights, the terminal will differ depending on which airline is used.

Terminal 1
JAL, JTA, Skymark, Star Flyer bound for Kitakyushu / Fukuoka Airport
Terminal 2
ANA, AirDo, Sorashido Air, Star Flyer for Yamaguchi Ube / Kansai Airport

The highlight is the international Terminal

The highlight of Haneda Airport is not just the observation deck. Airplane enthusiasts can watch the airplane from the observation deck, but there are many other places to enjoy.

Many of the places to enjoy are in the international terminal. Here are some typical examples.

【Fun at the international terminal】

Flight simulator:A machine that flies an airplane on the 5th floor in a pseudo space. You can fly a jet on various courses from beginner to advanced.(Haneda Airport International Terminal Portal Site : TIAT Sky Road

Planetarium Starry Cafe:Located on the 5th floor, you can enjoy the planetarium while drinking and eating coffee and snacks.(PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe

Edo ko-ji:This section reproduces the streets of Edo on the 4th floor. Enjoy a walk in the Edo period. There are also restaurants where you can enjoy meals such as edomae sushi and yakitori.(Edo ko-ji

Observation deck: It is open 24 hours a day though the observation deck in Terminal 1 is open until 10pm. Especially at night, you can enjoy the night view. (International Terminal Observation Deck

Have fun at the international terminal if you have time to fly. You can enjoy a holiday with your family without taking an airplane, or have a good time on a date!

Other notes: When going to the observation deck

When I came to Haneda, I aimed for the “observation deck” first. At that time, be careful not to get stuck.

This is an escalator near the south end of Terminal 1, 2nd floor. I went up here. But I arrived at the restaurant on the upper floor.

There were no escalators or elevators beyond that, and it was a dead end. I came back to the starting point.

When you want to go to the observation deck, don’t go up from the escalator in the picture. Please refer to the following map. This is the one on the south end of the 2nd floor of Terminal 1.

To go to the rooftop observation deck, you need to go to the center on the second floor. There are some elevators that can only go to the 3rd or 5th floor. As you can see, the elevator in the middle of the floor can reach the top floor.

This is an enlarged photo near the 2nd floor of the guide map. Be aware that some elevators in the middle of the 2nd floor can only go up to the 3rd floor. Let’s get on the elevator in the middle.

This is a guide map that can be used as a reference when you go out of the elevator on the top floor to the observation deck. When you leave the elevator, head toward the Galaxy Hall on the opposite side. Proceed through the toilet at the end of the Galaxy Hall and you will be on the observation deck. You can go to the observation deck from either side.

Other notes: Wi-Fi use on board

A lot of things have evolved recently. I was able to use Wi-Fi on the plane while the plane was flying. And if you wanted to watch a movie on board, you could watch your own smartphone or laptop.

For details, please see the following JAL site.

Inflight entertainment

If you want to watch a movie on your smartphone, you need to be careful. You need to download the in-flight entertainment app in advance.

There is one more thing.

When you connect to Wi-Fi, go to the JAL portal site (you can only connect to it) and make a “free internet connection” there. Otherwise, you can’t send emails or surf the internet.

For details, please see the following JAL site.
Free Wi-Fi on JAL domestic flights

It was such a GT that left Haneda safely after this. How was it? See you!

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