【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 4】Bubuka, a tavern


Hello, this is GT. This is Okinawa travel report part 4. I will report on Bubuka, a tavern this time.


Bubuka, a tavern

After enjoying Shurijo Castle, I got stuck in a traffic jam in the evening. The urban area of Okinawa seems to be unable to avoid the traffic jam in the evening. The pace of travel by car dropped considerably.

The place is in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture. It is just a little south from Naha Airport.

The basic information of the store is as follows.


Address: 6-4-6 Nishizaki, Itoman-shi, Okinawa
Phone number: 098-995-1231
Business hours: From 6:00 pm to 2:00 am (Last Order 1 am)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Parking: There seems to be no free parking for stores. There was a coin park in front of the store, so I stopped there.

Food introduction

You can enjoy fish, meat and Okinawan dishes at this restaurant. It was perfect for me who like seafood. I also ate Okinawa’s unique food. I will introduce them.

Sea grape ponzu. Puchipuchi texture was pleasant.

Fried tofu. Fried tofu can be eaten anywhere.

I ate while thinking that I could eat anywhere, but it wasn’t. It was tasty for me who had a chewy feeling and the soup was hot and hot and I was not good at hot things but delicious.^^

5 sashimi. After all sashimi is delicious ♪

It’s a fish sashimi called erabucha.

Does it taste like a rockfish? It was also delicious with the taste of adding a thin salmon flavor. The salmon taste is strong, but I enjoyed the light flavor of the erabucha.

It’s a fish sashimi called bihai.

It was fresh! It was rich but the aftertaste was refreshing. Oh, there is such a taste, I guessed.

This 5 sashimi was 1200 yen. I thought the price was conscientious.

This squid ink fried noodle is a personal push.

Delicious from the moment I put it in my mouth. It was delicious even after chewing. I like salty!

I enjoyed it like this. See you!

Continued to 【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 5】Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa



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