【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 6】Fried Soki Soba


Hello. This is GT.

I will introduce the Sori Soki soba and Futenma Airfield. The center of this article is Sori soki soba.

Soki soba for lunch on the third day of the trip

I stayed at Southern Beach Hotel for 2 days and moved to northern Okinawa on the 3rd day. Lunch was a soba restaurant that stopped by on the way.

Store: Okinawa soba restaurant “Hanakina”

I wanted to visit Futenma Airfield while traveling. So I stopped by a nearby soba restaurant. The basic information of the store is as follows.

【Okinawa soba restaurant “Hanakina”】

adress:Kiyuna1039, Ginowan, Okinawa
store opening hours:from 11:00 am  to 9:00 pm *Closed at 3:30 pm on Wednesday
parking lot: Yes

The location is as follows. The US Army Futenma Airfield is right next door and is on the south side.

If you are coming by car, you should look at the following street view. There is a free parking lot in the basement. Please keep in mind that there is a shop on the Futenma Air Station side (north side) of the road as you drive along the street.

Fried Soki Soba

I ordered Fried Soki Soba. It was 740 yen. On the right is Soki.

The photo is soba. Soba soup is a soup like oden soup. Do you know oden soup?  The taste was oozing out in the light taste.

Soki with wasabi. Soki is a rib with pork bone. In Okinawa, this is generally called soki.

Is it treated like a char siu in ramen?


The meat is sticky and full of collagen, it looks good on my skin ♪

It’s not just a feeling of stickiness. There is a fragrance like white grilled eel. If you put it in your mouth, it will be wrapped in a sensation and aroma.

The meat will be boiled with soup and soy sauce. The taste soaks into the inside. Since wasabi is served, it can be eaten together to make the taste of wasabi soy sauce.

Thank you for the meal!

オキハム 沖縄やわらかソーキ 320g │豚肉軟骨ソーキ 沖縄そば│

(2019/12/12 16:44時点)

Bonus (Futenma Airfield)

One of the purposes of this trip was to see Futenma Airfield. Sitting at the store and looking north, there was a vast base.

The immediate grassland is within the airport grounds. Small buildings and vehicles are visible in the back.

It is a building and vehicles in the back. They’re not tanks. I don’t know what they are.

Futenma Airfield is said to be dangerous because it is located in the urban area of Okinawa. There was Futenma Elementary School nearby, and the window frame of an American military helicopter had fallen into the schoolyard. I’ve also seen news that airplanes and other takeoffs are getting a lot of noise.

How is it actually? I was trying to see how noisy it really was.

I ordered soki soba and waited for it to be completed while looking at the base.

You can hear a pin drop.

Zuruzuruzuru. Soki Soba is delicious.

Thank you !

Yes, it was much quieter.

This is the report of the Sori Soki soba and Futenma Airfield. How was it? See you!



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