【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 3】Shuri Castle


Hello, this is GT. This is Okinawa trip part 3. I will report on Shuri Castle this time.

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A fire broke out at Shuri Castle at the end of October. The valuable property of Okinawa has been lost. On the second day before the fire, I went to see Shuri Castle in the afternoon.

What is Shuri Castle

In the Muromachi period, Ryukyu (Okinawa at that time) was divided into three countries. Among them, Sho built the Ryukyu Kingdom in 1429 by unifying the three countries.

Shuri Castle is located in the southern part of Okinawa Prefecture, where his royal family lived. The Ryukyu Kingdom was located between Taiwan and the Kyushu region, and flourished in transit trade.

Location and basic information of Shuri Castle Park

Shuri Castle is located in Shuri Castle Park. Please check the location on the Google map below.

There are many areas that cannot enter due to fire. However, you can use the parking lot. You can also see the Shurei-gate and the Kankai-gate.

The basic information about Shuri Castle Park is as follows.

【Shuri Castle Park】

Address: Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Shuri Kinjocho 1-2

Tel:098-886-2020(Shuri Castle Park Management Center)

Opening hours: From 8:00 am to 6:30 pm(From April to June / October / November until 7:30 pm, from July to September until 8:30 pm)

Closed day: 1st Wednesday of July and the next day

Shuri Castle Park HP(Enlgish):http://oki-park.jp/shurijo/en/

The following view is facing south from the intersection of Shuri Castle. I went about 30m from here and used the parking lot on the left. If you plan to visit by car, please check the actual parking space in the following Google Street View.

Into Shuri Castle

I went up the hill through the parking lot.

There were  beautiful plants on the right side.

I arrived at the Shurei-mon. It seems to be fine, airy and tropical!

To the Kankai-mon

I decided to go beyond the Shurei-mon.




Standing gates and continuous walls! It ’s amazing!

let’s attack it!




Fu~. It’s impossible to climb the wall and capture it.

The Kankai-mon is tough and wonderful!

The scenery was nice when I looked back. The wind was cool ♪

To main hall

I climbed up to the main hall.

The square is large and the main building is majestic.

As the model photo above, at that time, there were many messengers from abroad on this square.

I came to the 2nd floor of the main hall. The chair in the photo is the throne.

To the north wall

I left the exhibition hall and came to the north side of the main hall.

It is the highest place in Shuri Castle. The view was also good here.

I enjoyed Shuri Castle! !

How was this introduction report for Shuri Castle? See you!

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