【GT’s Okinawa Travel Report Part 7】Kyoda, Servie Area on the way


Hello, I’m GT.

I will introduce Kyoda, Servie Area on the way to north Okinawa.

Kyoda, Service Area

Roadside station “Kyoda” is located in central Okinawa as shown in the photo below. I ran a car headed north on the seaside road. The following photo is the explanation panel in the building of the roadside station.

Let’s see what it really is.

This is the entrance of the roadside station. The building of the roadside station is visible on the left.

I went into the building just before. From there, you can see the sea ahead. Spacious and good scenery.

I left the building and went further. I saw a shop on the site on the other side of the main street, so I headed there.

What’s … Mango soft serve is ranked number one in Okinawa! This has no choice but to eat the top soft serve! !

This is mango soft serve. This looks delicious.



After eating mango soft, I went into the store. Various souvenirs were sold inside.

This is Okinawan confection “Chinsuko”. These are sweet cakes like cookies.

I bought a lot for that. And I ate.

The taste is smooth. This smooth feeling seems to have soaked the conditioner after the shampoo.

The sweetness is firmly felt because of the saltiness. The delicious cream that spreads over your mouth!

Maybe you’re not sure what I’m saying, but it’s delicious anyway! After dinner for a while after returning from Okinawa, I was eating them. They were gone soon.

Oh, I wish I had bought more. I have to diet.

It was the roadside station “Kyoda” where I bought such a chinsuko. Yeah, this roadside station was a good place to buy cheap souvenirs and sell delicious food. It seemed to have become the most reputable roadside station in Japan, and that was convinced.

See you!



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