【COC TH10 GoWiPe】Attack Superior Town Hall for 2 Stars


Hello. This is GT.

This is the third time of “How to get two stars from the superio Town Hall” and will be completed.  I saw the town hall 11 in the league for the first time, so let me introduce how I attacked it.

Enemy Placement

This time the enemy placement is as follows.

At a glance, the defense facility is on the bottom. The defense power of the lower half is quite high, so if I attack from the bottom with a lower TH10 units, they will soon melt away.

6 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock Attack

Judging from this picture, it is better to earn the destruction rate with Archer in the lower half.

I can break the Dark elixir pump by putting out an archer at 6 o’clock.

If I put out one archer right under the carpentry hut at 3 and 9 o’clock, it will break in the order of hut → golden mountain → camp.

12 o’clock Attack

I decided to attack with a Wall Wrecker from the top.

If Wall Wrecker goes down, it will be attacked by Inferno Tower when it starts breaking the wall directly above the town hall.

When the wall wrecker is broken, the wall will be broken. The Giant comes first when the Wall Wrecker breaks, and it collects the single Inferno targets. Meanwhile, Max Level Pekka will destroy the Town Hall.


Organization is as follows.

Breakthrough weapons and contents: Wall Wrecker, 1 pekka, 2 giants
Units: 4 golems, 1 pekka, 5 miners, 14 wizards, 3 Archers, 3 wall breakers (0 remaining frames)
Spells: 4 healings, 1 rage, 1 freeze
Reinforcement Spell: 1 poison

If I move the Wall Wrecker down from 12 o’clock, I can’t expose it to the firepower of an enemy defense facility. If the Wall Wrecker breaks along the way, the units inside will go to the defense facility, so I won’t be able to break the town hall.

In order to protect the Wall Wrecker, I decided to put out a golem first as a wall and then a rear guard wizards.

Actual Attack Video

Please see the actual attack.

【COCNo.9 TH10】how to get 2 stars from superior town hall

I did it!^^

How was this article? See you!



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