【COC TH10】GoHo play for 3 Stars from Superior TH (No.14)


Hello, this is GT, TH10 Goho Warrior.

I will introduce a good play. It is a GoHo attack on the higher grade TH11 with TH10. It was the first attack.

Enemy Placement

The enemy placement I attacked this time is as follows.

There is an eagle gun, so it is difficult to attack with TH10. Instead, the level of artillery and X-bows were lower.

However, there are artillery and archer towers that can be additionally built with TH11, and the number of enemy defense facilities themselves is large.

Plan Introduction

In attacking, I focused on the following points. Please check in conjunction with the image below.

  • The green part seems to be broken by wall breakers and approaching units.
  • The red part outside the green may or may not be broken depending on the movement of AQ.
  • The yellow circle at 12 o’clock has a huge bomb space next to the bomb tower so I want to use a healing to hogriders.
  • There is also a huge bomb space around the 6 o’clock bomb tower, but there is no need to worry because this will be stepped by the approaching units.
  • Hogriders seems to be good to break out from the 4 o’clock direction and break the red circle inferno tower as soon as possible.
  • At 12 o’clock, add an additional hogriders to prevent the hogriders from falling apart.


Then watch the video to see what kind of play actually happened.

Clash of Clans TH10ゴレホグでTH11全壊攻め


The hogriders were able to successfully march without being attacked by the Eagle. That is a major factor that led to its total destruction.

I didn’t know the location of Teslas or the huge explosions because I attacked for the first time, but I think I could deal with this. The second healing should have shifted a little further to the upper left.

At the end, there were not enough healings because there were more defense facilities than TH10. Anyway, it was good that I could handle the skeleton trap with poison and leave the hogriders and go to the destruction work.

I think it was a good play overall. Because I got 3 stars from superior TH.

How was my play? See you.



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