【COC TH10】GoWiPe Play for 3 Stars (No.16)


Hello, this is GT.

  • Isn’t GoWiPe a two-star tactic?
  • What kind of arrangement is required to get 3 stars, and how should I attack?
  • What units should be organized?

While answering these questions, I will introduce the contents of the play that was actually destroyed at first glance in the league match.

Features of GoWiPe

In conclusion, many of GoWiPe are two stars tactics. As already mentioned in other articles, I often use it to get two stars from the upper rank. Getting two stars from the same rank is easy, and I can usually get two stars from the upper rank.

If we attack an arrangement which has many parcels separated by walls, the advance will be slower. Since the units will be killed over time, we can’t get three stars.

So what kind of arrangement is right for GoWiPe?  Circle shape is.

GoWiPe is an effective tactic for units that do not hit the wall.

Enemy Placement

Enemy placement I attacked this time is as follows.

I noted the following four features.

  • It’s a circular arrangement.
  • There is only one wall around the town hall.
  • The surrounding defenses are surrounded by walls, but wizards can shoot from outside the walls.
  • Inferno towers are both set to single.

From these characteristics, I thought as follows.

  • Since there is essentially only one wall around the town hall, units in Wall Wrecker will break the town hall area.
  • The perimeter defenses are walled, which could be broken by a wizard while the golems are under attack.
  • This is disadvantageous because both the Inferno Towers are in single configuration. However, I can save time by freezing and I will be able to break it in the meantime.

Units Organization

Units organization is as follows.

*The units in Wall Wrecker are 1 Pekka and 2 Giants.

Planned Attack

The planned attack is as follows.

  1. Spread out two golems and place a few wizards behind them.
  2. After that, place the three PEKKAs with a reasonable gap.
  3. Center the Wall Wrecker, Heros, Bowlers, and a Witch.


See the actual attack play in the video below.

【クラクラ TH10】ゴレウィズペッカの全壊プレイ(COC GoWiPe 3 Stars Play)


I thought there was something better with unit organization. It would have been nice to reduce one pekka and one archer to increase a healer and a witch.

It would have been nice to have the golems spread out a bit more about where to place the units first. That would have made the funneling better.

How was my play?  Thank you.



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