【COC Th11】Witch Bat Slap Attack Guide for 3 Stars


Hello. I’m GT.

In this article, I will explain how to get 3 stars while touching on the followings.

  • Golem Witch Bat attack procedure
  • What to pay attention to in the layout
  • Things to keep in mind when attacking
  • Units and spells organization

attack procedure

  1. Put out witches from two corners and create a funnel.
  2. Put out 3 golems from 3 places and put out witches behind them.
  3. Place super wall breakers near 3 golems to open walls.
  4. Throw in Siege Barracks, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Warden near the central golem.
  5. Kill defense reinforcements with a poison spell.
  6. Use a jump spell.
  7. Use Eternal Tome and a rage spell to destroy facilities in a wide area.
  8. Put out an ice golem or a giant to take on attacks from wizard tower and use bat spells to destroy the remaining defense facilities.
  9. Drop freeze spells on the wizard towers to prevent the bat horde from being killed.

1st example

The layout of the first example is as follows.

Since both inferno towers are set to single mode, I chose Witch Bat Slap. In that case, you’ll need to check the locations of the five wizard towers. In this layout, three wizard towers are placed on the lower right side. On the opposite upper left side, there are only two wizard towers. Therefore, I decided to send golems and witches to the lower right side and destroy the upper left side with bats.

description of the attack procedure

Specifically, I attacked in the following steps.

First, I put a minion on the 6 o’clock side. It will help to create a funnel.

Next, I put super wall breakers at the three positions in the image above to open the walls.

I put witches before putting golems. It depends on the layout, but if you can put out witches before, you should put out golems after that.

In the image above, there is a white circle that indicates the wizard tower’s attack range. A large number of skeletons will undertake the attack of defense facilities. It makes the golem last longer.

Around 2 o’clock, I put out three giants. And I put out Siege Barracks, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Warden in the place around 4 o’clock.

I used Eternal Tome and a rage spell. Some wizards from Siege Barracks are also within range of Rage. This is powerful.

Defense reinforcements came out, so I dropped a poison spell.

As you can see in the image above, I put out an ice golem near the wizard tower on the 12 o’clock side …

and I dropped bat spells nearby. The target of the wizard tower is facing the ice golem on the ground, so the bats will not be shot.

Bats came near the wizard tower, so I dropped a freeze spell on it. After that, I was able to destroy all the facilities.


The organization I have prepared is as follows.

play video

Now watch the video.

Th11 コウモリゴレネクロ兵舎

2nd example

The layout of the second example is as follows.

Three wizard towers are near the bottom left of the layout. That’s why I decided to put golems and witches on the 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock sides.

Towards the end of the attack, I decided to put out an ice golem in front of the wizard tower at 3 o’clock, and then aim to destroy the nearby defense facilities with bat spells.


The organization I have prepared is as follows.

This time, a healing spell has been replaced with a jump spell. As expected, the central sections are small and there are many, so I needed a jump spell to create an approach path.

play video

Now watch the video.

Th11 コウモリゴレネクロ

3rd example

The layout of the third example is as follows.

How would you attack? Since it is the third example, I will omit the explanation of how to attack.


The organization I have prepared is as follows.

play video

Now watch the video.

Th11 コウモリゴレネクロ投下兵舎 全壊プレイ

How was it? You must have felt the high destructive power from the number of remaining units.

See you!

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