【Th11】DragBat Attack Guide in Clash of Clans


Hello, I’m GT.

In this article, I will explain how to get 3 stars while touching on the followings.

  • Flame Flinger Dragon Bat attack procedure
  • What to pay attention to in the layout
  • Things to keep in mind when attacking
  • Units and spells organization

attack procedure

  1. Deploy Flame Flinger shooters and destroy an air defense.
  2. Deploy a small unit such as Archer in the safety zone behind the Flame Flinger and create a funnel.
  3. Send out Barbarian King and Archer Queen and let them destroy an air defense, and have them build a funnel on the opposite side of the Flame Flinger.
  4. Deploy dragons, balloons, and Grand Warden as the main force.
  5. Kill defense reinforcements with a poison spell.
  6. Use Eternal Tome with a rage spell.
  7. Use bat spells.
  8. Drop freeze spells on the Wizard Towers

1st example

The layout of the first example is as follows.

Both inferno towers are set to multiple mode. So compatibility is good for dragons to destroy them.

Air defenses are placed outside. It’s easy to destroy an air defense that dragons are weak against.

There are few wizards towers on the upper right side of the arrangement, it is easy to destroy many defense facilities with bats.

Description of the attack procedure

Specifically, I attacked in the following steps.

First, I placed the Flame Flinger on the 9 o’clock side and let it destroy the archer tower and an air defense (first one).

There is a safety zone behind the Flame Flinger, so I put archers behind it.

Since the archer tower and the air defense were destroyed, I put a minion just below the Flame Flinger. This is a part of funnel.

As shown in the image above, I placed Barbarian King and Archer Queen. After this, Archer Queen destroyed an air defense (second one). In addition, the funnel was built.

I placed dragons on the 7 o’clock side. After this, I also placed balloons and Grand Warden.

The image above shows the full view when dragons are placed. After this, dragons and balloons will advance to the upper right. The funnel is well built.

I used Eternal Tome and a rage spell while many units were with Grand Warden. It is effective to use them early.

I dropped a poison spell and killed the defense reinforcements.

The number of remaining defense facilities are dwindling. So, I placed an ice golem around 12 o’clock and made it go to the wizard tower.

The ice golem has gone to the mortar in the lower left. I should have put the ice golem right next to the wizard tower. Anyway, I dropped all the bat spells while solidifying the wizard tower with a freeze spell.

Destruction progressed. At this time, I still have a rage spell and a freeze spell. I’m pretty sure I will get 3 stars!


The organization I have prepared is as follows.

play video

Now watch the video.

Th11 ドラグバット全壊プレイ

2nd example

The layout of the second example is as follows.

The air defenses are on the outside, it’s easy to destroy them by Flame Flinger and Archer Queen. Also, since both inferno towers are set to single mode, bat spells will work well.

play video

Since this is the second example, I won’t go into detail about how to attack. Check out the gameplay video below.

Th11 シュータードラグバット

How was it? Bat spells are often effective, so please try it. See you!

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